2012 SHS Scholarship

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Information for this year’s Siuslaw High School Engineering Scholarship has been posted and applications are now being accepted! This $500 scholarship is for SHS seniors and applications will no longer be accepted after 1 May, 2012. All application details are available here: http://www.pacificsouth.net/giving/.


In My Defense

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Okay, so I have started a blog. And, okay, okay, I have used WordPress to create that blog.

Why not use WordPress? Everybody is doing it, right? Because “everybody is doing it” is a horrible reason to do anything. …Or is it? I’ll come back to that.

Some of the reasons I hesitated to use WordPress is that I am often picky and detail oriented and like being able to say that everything in my creation is mine, completely mine. There is pride in being able to say that every character in the code behind a website was all typed by me on my keyboard and not large blocks of copy-paste from some tutorial website or a template downloaded from the internet and slightly modified. Yes, I started that way but I have done a lot of reading and tinkering to get away from that so that I can say it is mine, and with websites I build now it usually is all my own coding.

Another reason I hesitated is because of security. WordPress has had some issues with security in the past that I did not want to deal with. Also, once a problem has been found I can become an easy target simply by an attacker knowing that I use the WordPress software.

So, then why did I choose to use it?

Well one reason is that everybody is doing it! I believe that the experience of using such a popular software would be good knowledge to have. With so many people using it I am sure to have customers ask for support related to it and it would obviously help me to know how it works and be able to quickly help my customers.

Also, it appears that security has improved and I have learned that it seems to be surprisingly simple to upgrade to the latest software when a new version is released. As with most software, as long as you are running the latest version you can keep the chances of running in to security problems pretty low.

Lastly, I chose WordPress out of convenience. The software does work pretty well for what I need it to do and it already has features of RSS, categories, tags and other nifty things. The theme doesn’t exactly match the rest of my website and maybe someday I will get around to custom-writing it all, but for now it’s up, it’s functional, and it allows me to post what I need on the internet in a blog-like format. Jon Acuff says “90 percent perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives than 100 percent perfect and stuck in your head.”

Having said all that, welcome to my blog!


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